Sensitive Area in Women, Tips to Maintain

sensitive area

When it comes to the health of the sensitive area, it becomes very complicated. The most important thing to be aware of is that a healthy, sensitive area is equal to a healthy vagina.

So you should know about a range of things you should never touch the sensitive area to keep her health and because the vagina placed very difficult. There are many things that lead to irritation of the vagina in addition to the climate also affects the health of the sensitive area.

The most important thing when maintaining the health of the sensitive area is to avoid the arrival of more moisture to it. It should not be left in wet bathing for a long time but rinsed the sensitive area with warm water daily. Most importantly, do not put a bunch of things in your vagina.

The most important part of the sensitive area is that the vagina is self-cleaning so you do not need a lot of things that you add to it because it may do more harm than good because of these things no matter how exciting but it is a negative experience.

Things You Should Never Touch The Sensitive Area.
Lubricating with flavor.

Do not try to use lubricating tools because they give a negative effect on the vagina. Do not think that the mint oil, mango, strawberry is delicious but these types should not be placed in the vagina. Because the lubricant contains a flavor containing sugar, which causes the growth of yeast infection in the vagina.

Even if the lubricants are sugar-free, do not give up artificial spices that cause irritation and itching of the vagina. You can use oil-based lubricants just like coconut oil.

Sexual Toys.

Even if you wash sexual games with water and anti-bacterial soap, you should not put any of these things in the sensitive area. The only exceptions of these games are made of stainless steel but need to be thoroughly cleaned on the boiling point for cleaning.

Because games made of silicon, plastic, rubber, elastic can lead to the adhesion of unpleasant odors to the vagina.

Avoid putting any food.

Do not try to put any food of any kind near the sensitive area. Some may think that putting a little chocolate or cherry syrup is a good idea in theory but do not try to put anything tasty near the vagina because it is ineffective. Because placing food near the vagina causes a yeast infection.

The shower.

Some women want to use the shower to clean the sensitive area, but in fact, this step is unnecessary and often poses a risk to the health of the vagina. Elisa Duke, a gynecologist, says the constant use of shower leads to a terrible defect in the good bacteria inside the vagina.

If you are concerned about bacterial vaginitis and push you to clean the vagina with soap and water while taking a bath, do not put any harsh soap inside your vagina.

The best thing you can do is wash your vagina with water only because the vagina depends on self-cleaning and you do not need anything to look cleaner.

Cream moisturizer.

In the case of moisturizing, the underwear affects the sensitive area and provide the ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and reproduction. Do not moisturize the sensitive area regularly but leave it to clean itself. Also, prefer to give birth to wear sports clothes that increase the production of sweat and therefore there is internal moisture in the vagina.

Strong detergents.

The vagina is very sensitive areas, especially when using strong detergents containing chemicals that result in irritation of the vagina. To avoid this irritation, avoid strong or aromatic detergents and use specially formulated detergents for sensitive skin.


Yes, we mean vaginal vaporization in health products that has become one of the current trends. This trend depends on sitting in a certain type of spa and wearing certain underwear and sitting on chairs planted inside a set of herbs that come out of steam and become steam at the bottom.

This method of warm treatments that feel you need good and promote blood flow to the area but can occur some burns or irritability. Therefore, the steam must be used with extreme caution and to ensure the effectiveness of this method.

Tea tree oil.

If you use household oil as a lubricant, you need high-quality oil, not the oil you use in your kitchen.

If you want to use neutral pH oil, you are advised to choose coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil,” said Dr. Rakil Dirkat, a gynecologist and associate professor of gynecology at New York University.

But tea tree oil is never recommended because it can cause various chemical burns to the sensitive area. Because of tea tree oil of caustic substances.

Chocolate syrup.

All things that contain sugar change the bacteria and cause the yeast that occurs in the infection. These substances irritate the skin of the vagina. So it does not seem a good idea to put a chocolate drink near the sensitive area because it either causes vaginal irritation or vaginal infection.


Doctors advise not to apply the cream inside the vagina at all because it causes a strange reaction and will not give the exciting experience that you consider to achieve in the intimate relationship.


Cotton caps.

Doctors note that although people believe that cotton caps are a natural remedy for the sensitive area. But, it is not a great idea. Because cotton clogs cause bacteria and yeast infections. Lumbar stenosis occurs when there is too much moisture in the sensitive area and should not be used without consulting your doctor.

Fruits and vegetables.

The main reason for not using these fruits and vegetables is that they contain pesticides. Therefore, the pesticides move to the vagina. As a result, the survival of these things inside the vagina harms the health of the sensitive area.

Sharp things.

There is a strong supply of blood inside the vagina. So, the smallest piece can cause an unusual amount of bleeding. Although it is an exemption zone, it is easily healed.

Use a small hairbrush.

Do not use a small hair brush near the sensitive area to prevent any injuries.

Stay away from alcohol.

I have certainly heard of the presence of alcohol in the cotton clogs to increase their ability to absorb. But, alcohol is one of the worst elements that you must not use it near the sensitive area. Alcohol leads to discomfort and poses a risk to the vagina.

Cell phone.

Do not allow the cell phone to vibrate when it is near the knee. Because, it certainly releases cells that cause a problem for the sensitive area.



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