Sensitive Areas, Ways To Lighten Them Naturally.

sensitive areas

Most women suffer from the problem of the darkness of their sensitive areas. Especially areas under the armpit and between the thighs. It reffers to the specialists in dermatology that there are to two main things are frequent:  sweating and neglect of personal hygiene. That results in skin allergy and itching.

There are also other factors that women are accustomed to doing without realizing the seriousness of this, such as wearing underwear made of industrial fabrics, which does not absorb sweat in such areas. That may lead to the formation of bacteria and fungi that cause foul odors.

In addition, the widespread use of hair removal creams, deodorizing chemicals and hair removal mosses can also be considered as a factor in the lightening of sensitive areas.


Natural mixtures to quickly whiten sensitive areas.

If you are suffering from these problems, feel that there are effective, easy and simple natural remedies you can prepare at home that will avoid the problem of darkening sensitive areas. This will lighten your skin color and remove the dead cells accumulated on it.


Ways to lighten sensitive areas.

Lemon Massage.sensitive areas

Lemon is known for its great ability to lighten sensitive areas of the body, thanks to it’s contain fatty acids with natural characteristics whitening the skin, and you can massage the skin directly in the areas of knees and elbows.

But in the case of sensitive areas, do not use lemon directly on them, because the skin in these areas is very thin.

Therefore, it is recommended to mix lemon juice with cucumber juice or turmeric powder and darken areas and leave it for at least 20 minutes and then rinse the skin with rose water. Repeat this process daily to improve the appearance of the skin.

Mix yoghurt and oranges.sensitive areas

This recipe has given a great effect in lightening the skin. it’s characters that the light ingredients that are appropriate to the nature of these weak places. Make a paste of yoghurt and orange peel and skin. Then, remove after 10 minutes with lukewarm water.


Lightening mixtures of sensitive areas.

Almond and Powder Milk Mix.sensitive areas

It is one of the most excellent mixtures of natural ingredients. That makes their effect multiplier, not only to lighten the colour, but to moisturize the skin and renew its cells.

Mix the same amounts of almond oil, milk powder, lemon juice and honey until you get a suitable paste to paint the skin Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

Sandalwood powder.sensitive areas

Sandalwood powder also has a magic effect in lightening the dark skin. Make a paste of sandalwood and water powder, then apply to the darker areas of the skin and leave until dry.

Additional tips.

In addition to the above, Experts recommend following those instructions to keep your skin open. So, these areas will not return to the fire:

Experts also recommend wearing underwear made of natural cotton. It absorbs sweat completely and protects your skin from serious damage. You have to consider the need to change more than once a day. Wearing clothes for a long time will load a huge amount of bacteria.

Massage these sensitive areas with hot water in each shower. It prevents the accumulation of uric acid (salts in the urine), which is a key factor behind the occurrence of necrosis.

Avoid using hair removal creams in this area and replace them with other natural methods such as candy or wax. They are more efficient and will not cause you to get the fire.

Use a natural soap made from herbs when cleaning these areas of the body. It will maintain the proportion of hydrogen acid in the genitals, which keeps this area clean, healthy and moist.

If you use any of the skin care products in this area. Consider that the composition of the skin is light and soft on the skin.

Use deodorants with harsh chemical formulations that cause skin irritation, redness and lightness later. So, try to replace them with powder removers. They are more natural or use completely free alcohol.

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