Skin Cleaning, Ways to Restore its Freshness

clean the skin

Clean and flawless skin is desirable. Hundreds of products have emerged that purify the skin deeply, while you can rely on natural methods to deeply clean it to restore its freshness.

Surveys show that women, as well as men, spend thousands of dollars each month to improve skin texture and get a better complexion. Unfortunately, most commercial products are just commercial bluff and unnecessary expenses.

It is best to resort to home remedies, chemical-free herbs, and annoying side effects.

Here are some useful home remedies to achieve beautiful skin without much effort. Because the skin is exposed to dirt, regular oil secretions, dead cells.

Washing your face daily is, of course, the best way to keep your skin clean but simply plain cleaning is not enough, the skin needs to be cleaned deeper so that you can regain its freshness easily.


Ways to clean the skin deeply and regain freshness.




Steam can be one of the most effective ways to clean the skin deeply because it depends on opening the pores gently, which in turn leads to the elimination of impurities in the skin. In addition, it is an inexpensive way to find a quick and economical way to make it cheaper than using food.

Get a clean hot water pot and make sure that the water is clean and also clean the face by wiping the dirt and debris accumulated on it.

Place the hot water bowl on a table of a suitable height for you. Sitting in front of the table to wander in front of the bowl with the head covered with a towel. The vapor from the water must be directed towards the face and the towel prevents steam from escaping.

Continue to expose the face to steam for 5-10 minutes. You can take breaks if you feel extreme heat.

Once the steam is finished, dry the skin well and relax for a few seconds before applying Toner to tighten the skin if you have a fatty skin or moisturizing directly without using any toner or moisturizing using tea tree oil. Preferably do this once a week.




When you peel your skin you can help get rid of deep impurities and dry skin cells. Of course, there are a large number of peeling options and one of the oldest methods is peeling using a dry brush. However, when using dry brushes try to have soft bristles made of natural fibers.

Never use any other brush or brush the body to peel the skin because the face is very sensitive and fragile and the body brush is very stiff. So try buying a custom face brush.

Clean the face with the makeup remover and wash it.

Dry your face properly as well as brushes Make sure it is dry and completely clean and preferably to be circular brushes to move gently on the face.

Try to focus on the skin areas that suffer from dehydration. Be careful about cleaning around the eyes because the skin is very thin and must be very careful during cleaning.

After brushing, you can wash your face with cold water and use a facial moisturizer.


Peeled sugar.


The use of small granules help you peel the skin and it is best to get a peeling skin suitable especially for the sensitive face. Sugar is often the most common element in facial peeling. It is one of the best natural peels that give a clear, clean skin.

Get 2 tablespoons of sugar and prepare for a powder and add 1 small lemon juice to it and mix enough to get a paste.

Apply sugar paste on the face to clean it deeply and rub in a circular motion for 5 minutes after washing with cold water and moisturizing the skin.


Sugar, honey, and green tea.


Take a few spoons of fermented green tea into the pot and let them cool until they cool down. 1 large hanging sugar, 1 large hanging honey is added to it to obtain a suitable paste consistency.

Start cleaning the face with this peeler and massage in a circular motion and focus on the dry areas more. Keep the massage for 5 minutes then wash the face with cold water and moisturize the skin.


Silt mask for deep facial cleaning.


Silt masks are one of the ways to clean the deep skin because it has excellent benefits in removing the impurities and dirt accumulated on the face and provides a more important benefit for people who have a fatty skin and make the skin smooth and glowing because it has the characteristics of lightning.

Mix a small pinch of clay with enough rose water to get a paste and clean the face by leaving the dough on the face to dry. Once dry, wash your face with water.


Rose water.


Rose water possesses the characteristics of skin cleansing naturally, it is a clear cleanser for all skin types. Experts advise using it as a daily skin lotion before going to sleep.

Rose water is available in different shops, just by rubbing the face with rose water using a piece of cotton and rubbing all over the skin and even the area behind the ears. Using a spray bottle you can apply it directly to the face.


Egg mask.


The White egg has amazing benefits in skin tightening and therefore keep the skin clean and have excellent properties to make skin smooth and fresh. If you suffer from acne, you can help with a deep cleansing of the skin.

Cleaning the face Before applying the mask, use 1 egg white on the face and leave it to dry. You may need to add 1 small suspension of honey and leave the mask on the face to dry. Once it is dried it is washed with water. You can repeat it once a week.




Oats work on exfoliating dead skin cells and providing adequate hydration, thus maintaining optimal skin health. He adds antioxidants and inflammation and thus gets a shiny complexion. Take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and mix them with 1 small pinch of lemon with 1 small pinch of honey.

All you need is to mix the ingredients together to form a thick paste with a little water added if necessary. Apply this mask on the face and neck to get the desired results. Preferably leave the mask working for 15 minutes before rinsing the face with lukewarm water.




Parsley is one of the healthiest foods and offers many beneficial properties of the skin. Where parsley helps balance the secretion of excess sebum. Thus, the presence of parsley on a regular basis becomes a boon to oily skin that suffers from pore obstruction and needs constant deep cleansing.

When it applied directly to the face, it detoxifies the skin and thus cleanses well and also reduces the appearance of acne and scars.

Wash and clean the parsley well and soak it in hot water and leave it in the water until it cools. When the boiled parsley cools, a towel is soaked inside and taken to get rid of excess water. Then apply this cloth on the face for 5 – 15 minutes. Preferably repeat this daily.


Baking soda.


Baking soda exfoliates the skin and helps you get rid of clogged pores. Thus it is a peeling agent and clean. Not only does baking soda remove dead cells, dirt and other impurities but it also helps to balance the pH of the skin and this makes the skin look younger.

Mix enough water with 2 teaspoons baking soda, apply the paste on the face and massage gently in a circular motion, leave it for a few minutes on the face and wash with water until you get rid of the baking soda. You can do this once a week.


Lemon juice.


Lemon juice from the holding elements of the skin is used to tighten the pores and clean the skin. In fact, it is the best natural remedy to thoroughly clean the face. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which works on peeling and removing dirt and prevents clogged pores.

You can rub the face with half a lemon and leave it for 5 minutes then wash the face with lukewarm water.

Pour lemon juice on a piece of cotton and use it to massage the face in a circular motion.


Natural oils.


If your face is prone to acne, you need to regularly cleanse the skin and use oils that contain a high content of linoleic acid, a natural element that reduces the defects in the skin. You can try safflower oil, rose oil, avocado oil or wheat germ oil.

It is a nourishing oil that works to clean the skin and fight signs of aging of the skin. Once you apply a sufficient amount of oil to your fingertips in a circular motion and hold a warm towel on the face and cover the face for a few minutes to work to open the pores and then wash the face with warm water.




The honey possesses antibacterial and inflammatory properties. It is a wonderful treatment for deep facial cleansing and finally, gives a glowing and smooth skin.

Just use raw honey to massage the skin gently and leave it for a while and then wash with lukewarm water and repeat it 2-3 times a week to clean the deep face.

Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to 3 tablespoons of honey. and apply this mask to the face and leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat 1-2 times a week to keep the pores clean.




The ancients used Turmeric to clean the face and relieve allergy symptoms. It is useful in removing facial scars and cleaning the face of impurities.

Preparation of paste and pineapple juice in equal proportions and apply a thick paste on the face.

Mix an equal amount of turmeric with sugar cane juice to get a paste and apply it to the face.

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