Skin Color Change, Causes and Home Remedies

Home remedies to treat pigmentation and skin color change.

Skin Color Change, Causes and Home Remedies

Pigmentation or skin color change is a disorder caused by damage to the skin cells that affects the melanin dye that gives the skin color. The pigmentation is carried out in opposite directions as follows:

An increase in the production of melanin leading to the transformation of the skin to a darker color. This is what happens during pregnancy, or during exposure to sunlight.

The other trend is the secretion of a lower proportion of melanin. And therefore a skin that carries a lighter color, for example, vitiligo, which is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world.


Causes of skin color change.

Long-term exposure to sunlight.

Hormonal changes.

Inflammation of the skin.


Liver problems.


The most vulnerable to skin color change.

The owners of the dark skin.

Accumulation of dead skin in places exposed to friction.

Exposed places to the sun for long periods.

Pregnant women, and thyroid patients.

Exposure to psychological stress, insomnia.

Use of some medications, and skin infections.

Eat unhealthy food.



The diagnosis of pigmentation is diagnosed and identified by examining the Woods lamp, which uses ultraviolet light to show pigmentation in the skin through changes in the color of the radiation. It is examined inside a dark room, allowing the light to shed on pigmentation areas in the skin. Through changes in the color of light, the type and causes of pigmentation can be inferred. For example, syphilis indicates the presence of bacteria that affect the color of the skin.



Home treatment for skin color change.



Avocados are rich in vitamin C, fatty acids and oleic acid, which in turn contribute to reducing the incidence of facial skin changes. A lot of enzymes and vitamin C available in avocados also help to reduce skin tone change in general.

You have to season the fruit of one fresh avocado and turn it into a paste. Then add this paste to the colour-changing skin and leave it for half an hour and then wash your face with warm water. Repeat this method twice a day for at least four weeks.

In addition, you can mash half the fruit of avocado into a paste and add two tablespoons of raw honey and a tablespoon of milk. And then put this paste on the affected area and leave it dry and wash. And repeat it once a day for a month.

Tip: There is one thing you should notice when using avocado, which is the enzymes of the juice which may lead to inflammation in some people so it must be tested on a part of the skin first before using it.


Honey and milk.

One of the best treatments in this article as a whole, which I would like all readers to learn is the mixture of milk and honey, which helps to solve the problem of changing skin color effectively. The milk contains lactic acid, which works to get rid of infected cells leaving behind the new cells.

You will need to mix a little honey with a little milk in a bowl with a little yoghurt and spread all the mixture on the spleen area and then wash your face and repeat these steps for several weeks.


Red Onions.

Red onion is one of the best treatments for pigmentation, freckles and black spots that can be easily applied at home.

Start slicing red onions in slices and place them on the spiny skin area. Alternatively, strain the red onion and place the mixture on the affected area, leave it for 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.



Cucumber juice is one of the best treatments that reduce the appearance of pigmentation of the skin and black spots and freckles.

Place one tablespoon of cucumber juice, 1 tablespoon pure honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and mix well. Put this mixture on your face or on the affected area to get the best results.


Oats, tomatoes and yoghurt.

Oatmeal acts as a natural cleanser and tomatoes as eggs and yoghurt also act as an opening to the vitality of the tight elements. While if you mix all these ingredients you will get a combination of the processor to change the color of the skin.

Mix tomato juice with half a tablespoon of yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and place the mixture on the affected area for 20 minutes to dry alone. Then remove your face with warm water and repeat the step every day until you get the desired results.


Bananas and guava.

One of the most important types of treatment, the lycopene found in guava with the factors peeled in the banana helps to lighten the skin.

You should mash guava and bananas well to get the putty you will put on the affected skin. Wash it after 20 minutes and do it daily.



There must be a bottle of water contained in your bath. Because it is an ideal treatment for all skin types. After bathing or after rinsing the face put the rose water and leave it to dry. It will make your skin bright and smooth and will prevent skin discolouration and remove dark spots.


Bath warm water daily.

Personal hygiene is one of the most important factors preventing skin color change. If you use all kinds of treatment without personal cleanliness, you will never get better. Take a warm bath twice a day and do not forget to take a cold water and wear cotton instead of silk or synthetic fibres.


The correct diet.

It’s the last but the most important. Eat foods with green leaves because they contain a large amount of vitamin A used for the skin. Such as mint, asparagus, spinach, coriander and Kari leaves. You also have to eat fruit like pomegranate daily. All of this will keep your skin healthy and will result in skin color change damage.

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