Skin Wrinkles, Causes And Home Treatment.

skin wrinkles

Skin wrinkles formed when the skin loses its elasticity. As long as the skin remains soft, any wrinkle or twitching of the skin disappears when the pressure on the skin stops. But the skin that has lost its flexibility retains the lines resulting from smiling or frowning the forehead for money even after the face is neutral expression. Over time these lines deepen into the face forming what is known as wrinkles.

Some skin wrinkles are caused by old age and may remain forever. Whatever you do, you should get some skin wrinkles as long as you live longer. The first signs of wrinkles usually appear in the weak skin tissue around the eyes, and lines of smile. In the next step, damage occurs in the cheeks and wrinkles

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and drier, contributing both to the formation of wrinkles.

However, there are other factors that determine the rate and extent of wrinkles, including food, nutrition, muscle strength, facial expressions of a particular person, stress and proper care of skin (or lack thereof) and exposure to environmental pollutants, habits and lifestyles such as smoking. Genetic factor may play a role, too.

The most important factor in all factors is excessive sun exposure that not only dehydrates the skin but also releases free cracks that can damage skin cells. Sun is the worst enemy for your skin. 90% of what was thought to be signs of aging in the skin is actually the result of excessive sun exposure.

Moreover, excessive sun exposure does not necessarily mean sunbathing or sunburn. 70% of sun damage occurs during daily activities such as driving and walking to and from the car. The ultraviolet rays that cause this damage are present throughout
Today and all seasons of the year, even worse, the sun’s effects on the skin are of the cumulative thing even though they are not clear for long years.


Skin wrinkles: recommendations and general considerations.

Eat a good balance of food contains many different fruits and vegetables, which is desirable to be raw to provide the skin with the food that it needs. Also take whole grains, seeds, nuts and legumes.

Drink daily at least half a gallon of water until Lucent does not feel thirsty. This helps to keep the skin irrigated and push the toxins away from the skin, thus not creating conditions for the formation of wrinkles.

Do not smoke and avoid alcohol and caffeine. All these materials are withdrawn. The freshness of the skin opens the way to the formation of wrinkles. In addition, the habit of smoking drives religion until its lips contain hundreds of self each day to draw self. The softening of the skin caused by the withdrawal of smoke from the tobacco roll leads to the formation of wrinkles at a relatively young age.

Regardless of your age or your skin type, you should always protect yourself from the sun. Apply sunscreen with at least 15SPF to all sun-exposed areas of your body, especially the face, regardless of the season or weather conditions. Exposure to the sun is the sole and greatest cause of skin damage.

Do facial exercises. Sit in a chair and stretch your jaw in an exaggerated chewing motion. Stretch the muscles under the chin and in the front of the neck. Lying on a slab for 15 minutes every day is also a good wrinkles

Do regular exercise. Like all organs of the body, the skin gets its food from the bloodstream. And exercise increase blood circulation to the skin.

Avoid any alcohol-containing products.

Focus your attention on the expressions of your face. If you find yourself looking aside or you do the polarization of your eyebrows or do some other facial movements that may cause the formation of facial wrinkles and do it repeatedly or repeatedly, he must make a conscious effort to stop it.

Give good care to your skin and keep the skin always moist, especially if it is dry.

Avoid using irritating soaps and face creams such as cold cream. Use natural oils such as avocado oil to remove old dirt and makeup, apply it gently to the face and wash it with warm water. Use face or plate sponge several times a week to remove dry and dead skin cells and to alert blood circulation.

Do not put heavy fat around the eye before going to bed, as this may cause a bulge around the eyes the next morning.

Limit your use of cosmetics, choose the types you really use, do not share anyone in cosmetics, and replace them every 3 months.

Choosing good skin care brands can be confusing. We recommend that you look for natural ingredients and avoid those products that contain Vaseline, mineral oils or any hydrogenated oils.


Skin wrinkles: home remedies.

There are many excellent home remedies for the face that can help with certain skin problems. Some of the best treatments include:

To give the skin a pale, rub about half a cup of strawberries in the mixer. Then the face with the liquid of the product and leave it for 10 minutes. Then wash it with plain water.

In order to reduce the tumour around the eyes, put the cold option over the eyes for ten minutes or more.

For lighten the pores of the skin, make the tomato over the face.

Help protect the skin from damage caused by free cracks. Add a few points of green tea extract to face lotion, delegation holding and other beauty products.

To moisturize the skin, crush grapes with enough honey to make a paste. Apply the mixture over the face as a mask. Leave it in place for 20-30 minutes during a period of relaxation and then wash it.

To remove dead surface cells of the skin and to improve the skin texture, call the hand grip of short-grain rice gently over the face for a few minutes. This method has been used by Japanese women for centuries.

To soften and nourish the skin, sprinkle half the fruit of the avocado. Stick it in your face. Leave it on the face to dry. Then, wash with warm water. Avocados contain essential fatty acids and other nutrients that help prevent premature wrinkles.

To clean the pores of the skin and keep it flexible, white egg mixed with a piece of alum. Placed on the face in the form of a mask. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face with warm water.



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