Sleep Mode and How They Affect Your Health


You may prefer sleeping on the stomach or lying on your back or sleeping on either side right or left. Well, it is time to know the impact of sleep on your health.

A study from the University of Stony Bock states that sleeping on the side is the best position for brain health. Previous studies have shown that poor sleep, lack of sleep or waking several times overnight is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Experts associate bad to sleep with amyloid beta, a contributing factor in brain disease.

Most sleeping disorders are due to bad sleep habits, according to the CDC. Poor sleep contributes to various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and dementia.

You may know that sleeping on the neck is related to waking up and feeling a headache or may contribute to back pain, but the position of sleep can cause other health problems and even increase or reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Effect of sleeping position on your health.
Sleep on the side.

Sleeping on the side makes it easy for the brain to eliminate beta-amyloid, it also makes it easier to open the airways during sleep, improve breathing and improve airflow within the body, the study said.
People can train themselves to sleep on their side until they become good sleeping habits for them. Pregnant women should try to sleep on the left side because it increases blood flow to the uterus.

Sleeping on the back.

People who suffer from respiratory failure, heart disease, acid reflux, neurological diseases, weakness of swallowing on the back often prefer this situation. Sleeping on the back helps balance and is good for preventing neck and back pain, reducing acidity, reducing wrinkles and keeping the breasts taut. But it is bad for people who suffer from snoring.

People who suffer from health problems can sleep on their backs if they want to because it improves the balance of the spine and neck and thus reduces pain but will not help the flow of beta-amyloid in the brain.

Sleeping on the stomach.

If you have any health problems or breathing problems, sleeping on your stomach can be a problem but if you do not have any of these problems, sleeping on your stomach will provide you with good rest.

In short, it is a good position to reduce snoring and bad to avoid neck pain problems, back pain, reduce wrinkles because it is difficult to maintain a neutral position of the spine. Shannon explains that he puts pressure on the joints and muscles, which can irritate the nerves and lead to pain and numbness.

Here are the health problems that affect your sleep situation.
Sleep Apnea.

You are most likely to suffer from snoring loudly during sleep, which results in apnea. This condition is called “obstructive sleep apnea” and is associated with a range of health problems.
The study found that people who sleep on their backs suffer from more breathing apnea because sleep on the back aggravates the situation because gravity hurts sleep apnea and scientists are likely to sleep on the side to deal with the problem.


If you have acidity, you know that there are factors that aggravate the situation, including eating a heavy meal before bedtime late at night. But there is evidence that sleep on the right side can increase the symptoms of acidity because it encourages the relaxation of the sphincter muscle, which maintains the balance of acid stomach. When you lie on the left side (where the stomach is located), part of the stomach is located less than the esophagus and thus maintains the acid of the stomach and does not cause acidity more trouble for you.
In addition to sleeping on the left side with the use of a pillow in the head, the lift may help to reduce acidity.

Neck pain.

There are many things that can cause waking during the night and not get a quiet night’s sleep, including neck pain. But your sleeping position should be the first thing you should consider to prevent neck discomfort.

There is a consensus that sleeping on your stomach is one of the most important things you should avoid because it puts stress on the neck Studies has reported that people who sleep on their side were less likely to pain.

The pad you choose also plays a role in relieving neck pain. Try to avoid choosing too thick pillows that can affect your sleep posture.


Most nighttime nightmares cause psychological stress and sometimes your sleeping posture. A study in the Journal of Hypnosis, in which participants reported that sleep mode affects the quality of dreams. And that people who slept on the left side more often were more prone to nightmares. While people who sleep on the right side tend to have more positive dreams and better sleep quality.


It may seem strange to you, but initial evidence suggests that sleep on the side may reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease and various neurological diseases, including Parkinson and in a recent study published in the Journal of Neurology about the effect of sleeping position on Alzheimer’s disease.

Methods of treatment of irregular sleep.
Regular exercise.

It is advisable to continue to exercise throughout the week because it makes the body fall asleep on the pillow quickly to achieve relaxation of the muscles. So, insert about 20 minutes a day for various exercises such as running, swimming, riding the stairs. All these exercises are useful and have tremendous health benefits on your body.

Relaxation techniques.

There are many relaxation techniques that help calm the mind, including yoga exercises or trying to read a novel and books before sleep to stimulate and increase the production of sleep hormone. It is also advised to avoid watching horror movies just before sleep because they increase the incidence of nightmares at night and strain the mind and therefore have trouble sleeping.

Snack before bedtime.

Beware of eating a heavy meal before going to sleep because it certainly leads to sleeping disorders and makes you spend a very tired sleep night. You can have a snack such as skimmed fruit and yogurt, drinking white tea, warm mint, milk.


Some prefer to take a bath before sleeping with warm water because it increases the feeling of the body relax and reduce tension and thus help to sleep better and prefer to use aromatic oil during the bath for a calmer, especially when staying under warm water for at least 20 minutes.

Reduce caffeine drinks.

One of the most important things you should do before bedtime is to avoid eating caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee because they are stimulants of the mind and does not help the body to relax You can replace these drinks with warm herbs is a healthy alternative and appropriate before bedtime.

Stop exposure to electronic devices.

It is recommended not to open and operate electronic devices such as laptop and smart phones at least two hours before sleeping. Because the body when exposed to these devices before sleeping is very difficult and sleep disorders and not get enough to allow you to relax at night.
Therefore, we recommend that you achieve calmer by turning off the electronic devices. Adjust the cell phone to the position of non-inconvenience. Put it in a place far from the bed so as not to interest your curiosity to know a news on Facebook or twitter before sleeping.

Take care of the bedroom.

This meant to provide a good sleeping environment by suitable the bed for you. Some experts may recommend sprinkling a few essential oils in the bedroom. Because it stimulates relaxation and calming the mind, especially before bedtime. Trying to put mild lighting in the bedroom to help you get rid of noise in the room.

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