Stomach Acidity , 7 Foods You Should Avoid.

stomach acidity

Stomach Acidity is a global problem among millions of people around the world. The gastric acid in the stomach returns to the oesophagus causing severe heartburn and pain in the area and other symptoms such as a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and a feeling of a lump in the oesophagus. Stomach acidity disease is treated with drugs prescribed by the doctor, but some foods can worsen the problem and others can alleviate the problem.

Here we will review the most important foods that cause the problem of stomach acidity through food, according to the book “Food acidity of American doctors Dr Jamie Kaufman and Dr Jordan Stern with the participation of French cooking teacher Mark Bauer.


Foods that cause stomach acidity.


Bad news for chocolate lovers. Chocolates significantly increase gastric acid reflux due to their stimulant content such as caffeine and theobromine, which cause stomach acidity. And also because they contain a high proportion of fat that causes reflux also. In addition to the presence of cocoa, which increases the stomach acidity.

Black chocolate, for example, is not as nutritious as milk chocolate but remains bad for people with GERD.

Soft drinks.

Soft drinks are the most important causes of stomach acidity as carbonates contribute increasing the pressure on the intestine and then the acid to the top. Another reason they make bad for oesophagal reflux is that they contain caffeine that causes reflux and the worst thing is that they are acidic drinks. Authors recommend that you stay away from soft drinks to avoid oesophagal reflux.

Fried food.

Fennel foods are one of the main causes of GERD because they are very frequent because they are associated with heartburn, which is generally bad for health because of its high-fat content, which causes stomach acidity and other health problems.


Although alcohol is not a high-acid beverage, it causes the muscle to relax between the stomach and the oesophagus, leading to acid reflux into the oesophagus.

High-fat dairy products.

High fat generally causes oesophagal reflux and there is no better food than this, including dairy products. Authors are advised to take a very small amount of these foods as an addition to the food if you suffer from the acidity of the stomach, but not as a main meal. Preferably low-fat dairy products.

High-fat meat.

High-fat meat such as beef, buffalo, or lamb causes acidity of the stomach through prolonged periods in the stomach. That allows the acid level to increase. The authors here prefer to eat low-fat meat once a week no more.

Coffee and tea.

Caffeine generally causes GERD. Where coffee and black tea also contain a high percentage of caffeine. Therefore, we prefer to drink a cup of coffee a day for those with the problem of stomach acidity. But periodic coffee and tea intake throughout the day will cause GERD even if you do not have the problem. You can replace these drinks with herbs or a cup of green tea.

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