Swimming to Regain Your Fitness

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Swimming is one of the best exercises to move the entire body. They are ideal if you want to maintain good health, no matter how old or physically fit you are.

Regular swimming reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also improve your mood and maintain your weight.

Swimming is a permanent skill that can save a person’s life. If you can not swim, it is not too late to learn.

Most swimming pools cater to diverse tastes and abilities, such as teaching swimming lessons for women only, creating swimming pools for parents and children, and classes for different age groups.

This guide is designed to make swimming enjoyable and safe for beginners of all ages and to encourage them to hang on to swimming.

Before you begin

For most people, swimming is a safe, active exercise. If you are concerned about your health, see your doctor before you start the swim.

Do not worry if you’re afraid of water or panic when you think about the deep end of the swimming pool. Lessons for beginners focus on building self-confidence while swimming.

All you need is a swim suit. Make sure that the swim suit is comfortable and suitable for you.

If you want to dress up, most of the swimming pools allow you to wear the swim wear you want, such as leggings, tight clothes, long-sleeved shirts or Islamic swim suits.swimming

Wear swimming goggles is a good idea to avoid feeling the taste of chlorine in the water and to see where you are moving under water.


The best place to start swimming is your local swimming pool. You will find information on the lessons provided for different age groups and levels, courses for women, schedules and prices.

Most pools offer classes for adults only, focusing on building confidence in the water and improving your condition after a stroke.

If you’re hesitant about starting swimming lessons, ask if you can watch a lesson or two to get a better idea of whether it’s right for you, or ask a trainer.

A 30 minutes session of moderate to severe aerobic exercise in the swimming pool for one or two days a week will be calculated from your weekly recommended activity.

Any improvement on what you are currently doing is good. Even small changes can make a big difference to your health and make you feel better.

Make it a habit.

Try to set a specific time each week to go to the pool, before or after work or on weekends. Record the date of going to the pool in your diary so that it becomes a fixed date on your weekly schedule. Consider getting an annual swimming pool subscription. This will help you save money, and it will encourage you to go to the swimming club more.

Take your children with you.

Swimming is a great way for families to move and have fun. There are many things you can do to keep your children interested in swimming, such as singing under water songs.swimming

Swim with a friend.

It is useful to go to swim permanently with someone who enjoys almost the same ability. Then you will encourage each other to go to the pool if you are not too excited to go. You will not want to let your partner down and this will help motivate you.


The pool is a play ground and a large gym, even for those who can not swim, for activities such as water sports. However, swim lessons will teach you lots of water activities both in and out of the pool.

Join a club

If you enjoy the swim and want to be more involved, consider joining a swimming clubs. Clubs are a great place to make new friends, improve your swim and motivate you to practice regularly. Most sports clubs do social activities away from the theme of swimming, where they organize trips and outings.


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