Healthy Eating for Teens, Dietary Advices

healthy eating

Healthy eating can help you get a great look and feel. Do not follow the latest fad in nutrition: learn the truth about eating well. Your body needs energy and food to grow and function properly. If you do not eat healthy food and do not follow a balanced diet, you may be at risk. Healthy eating also gives you the energy you need and can help you look and feel fine. But eating well does not mean abandoning your favourites foods Dieting and healthy eating means eating a wide…

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Heartburn, 12 Foods Help in Treatment.


Heartburn treatment: in the book “The Return Food” for the American doctor and researcher in the esophageal reflux “Jami Kaufmann” and the American ENT Dr. Jordan Stern, in collaboration with the French cooking teacher, “Mark Bauer,” the authors presented many foods that will work to reduce the problem of esophageal reflux Many people in the world suffer from it. The authors wrote 75 low-fat recipes for treating GERD. Health reviewed the most important foods. We will review here the most important and best food in the treatment of acidity and…

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Stomach Acidity , 7 Foods You Should Avoid.

stomach acidity

Stomach Acidity is a global problem among millions of people around the world. The gastric acid in the stomach returns to the oesophagus causing severe heartburn and pain in the area and other symptoms such as a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and a feeling of a lump in the oesophagus. Stomach acidity disease is treated with drugs prescribed by the doctor, but some foods can worsen the problem and others can alleviate the problem. Here we will review the most important foods that cause the problem of stomach acidity through…

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Healthy Habits For A Perfect Body.

healthy habits

Perhaps one day I wondered about the healthy habits of the perfect body of the men or women you see on your way every day. And maybe I thought they were born as well. Yes, they may be, but there are several factors that affect weight including genetic factors and dietary habits. OK ! We can control our eating habits. Recent studies have revealed the secrets of gaining an ideal weight by practising peaceful eating habits (here we are not talking about eating small amounts of food or exercising madly). In…

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Cellulite, Get Rid of Them With Exercises.


Cellulite is a problem that suffers a lot. It has caused many problems for some. But with a healthy diet and exercise for 20 minutes 3 days a week, this problem can be gradually eliminated. With exercise, you can reduce cellulite and make the lower body appear smoother and firmer. Prevention consultant Wayne Westcott, who recently developed a plan to eliminate cellulite, says that 16 women aged 26 to 66 were placed in an 8-week exercise program. The results were that all of them had lower cellulite at the bottom…

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Neck Pain, Health Information and Treatment.

neck pain

Neck pain or neck stiffness is a common problem and there is nothing to worry about in general. Pain and stiffness usually improve after a few days and are no sign of a more serious underlying condition or condition. You can have painful pain or stiffness in the neck if you sleep in an uncomfortable position, use your computer keyboard for a long period of time, or even sit in the face of an air stream. Stress and anxiety can sometimes cause stiffness in the neck muscles, which can lead…

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Fitness, All You Need To Know About.


Fitness is the level of physical condition on which the athlete depends on his athletic performance. It is the individual’s ability and physical ability to play his role in this life without stress or fatigue.   Fitness elements associated with motor performance. Muscle strength: The ability to exert maximum muscle potential. Speed: The performance of any physical activity in the shortest possible time. Flexibility: The ability of the individual to perform any activity in the broadest range allowed by the muscle. Fitness: the ability of the individual to change the direction…

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Relaxation After Work, 5 Effective Ways.


Relaxation after work: In our daily life, we are exposed to many stressors and life problems in our lives. Those problems make us always under great pressure to get the job done right. These pressures make us need to relax so that we can get the job done the next day. Stress and anxiety affect our mental and physical health. That requires a complete elimination so that they do not result in some physical illnesses. There is more than one way in which we can achieve relaxation in our daily…

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