Arginine, Sources and Benefits to The Body.


Arginine is an important amino acid to perform many functions in the body. It is an amino acid that the body can not synthesize and is important for the synthesis of protein within the body. We can find it in red meat, dairy products, poultry and some vegetables; it is also used as a medicine. Arginine is used to treat cardiovascular disease, heart failure, chest pain, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and low fertility. Here we will learn about the most important benefits of arginine and natural sources in food.…

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Diabetes, The Importance of Healthy Diet for Patients.


A question that comes to the mind of diabetics: Is it possible to follow a safety healthy diet when you have diabetes? Weight gain leads to many problems such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and high blood pressure. When you have diabetes, chances of infection increase. How can a diet lose weight with the diabetic? The importance of dieting for diabetics. A low-calorie diet is recommended for optimal weight. Weight loss helps control diabetes rates and prevents complications from diabetes. Following a low-calorie diet helps reduce your insulin doses and…

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Unhealthy Diets And its Effect on Your Skin.

unhealthy diets

The risk of following unhealthy diets is numerous. They return to your body especially if you follow them in the long run. But what is the serious effect on your skin and the health of your skin? Dandruff, yellowing of the face, hair loss, loss of activity and concentration, digestive disorders and many other negative are effects that may result when following any unhealthy diet. Here we are talking about the negative side effects of unhealthy diets on your skin.   Effect of fats deficiency on your skin. If you…

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Healthy Nutrition, Definition and Components

healthy nutrition

What is healthy nutrition? Every human body needs many proteins and vitamins that make the body healthy and active. And helps the body to carry out its vital functions. In order to get these proteins and the elements needed by the body, it is necessary to have a healthy nutrition system that provides all the essential elements that it needs. This lies in the rate and amount of calories that the body uses. Healthy nutrition protects the body from disease and helps it feel comfortable and balanced. In order to…

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Obesity and healthy nutrition methods


We all know that improper nutrition may result in many diseases, most notably obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others. Proper nutrition may significantly limit these diseases and help in human growth. The nature of the diet differs from one person to another according to many factors including age, weight, height and exercise of human activity. Obesity is one of the most important diseases resulting from improper nutrition. Obesity is simply an increase in body fat. For healthy women, fat accounts for about 25% of body weight and 17% of healthy…

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Depression And Healthy Eating .

sexual desire

Depression is an organic mental illness that affects the body, nervous system, mood, thoughts and behaviour. It affects the way the patient feels, the way the patient interacts with the people and the things surrounding him, making it difficult to diagnose him unless he looks at the accompanying psychological symptoms, family history and morbidity. It can appear like: Chronic stress Sleep disorder such as insomnia and early awakening. Changes in appetite, underweight, headache and back pain. Gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety, the tendency to anger. Lack of interest or happiness in hobbies.…

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Vegan Diet, Your Guide To Healthy Food.

vegan diet

Vegan diet; if you are and want to follow a healthy diet, you will not find a better diet than a low-carbohydrate diet that makes the plants listed healthier. At first you may feel that it is difficult to change your diet is difficult but give you a guide on how to change this system easily.   Your Guide to Vegan Diet.  What is a vegan diet? The answer to this simple question is that you eat plants and get rid of animal products such as dairy products and eggs…

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Best Way To Lose Weight And Avoid Snacks.


Snacks, at home, are a bit of a lifestyle; a chocolate bar here, a biscuit there, a piece of bread and cheese before going to the table, candy in front of the TV…  In the long run, your silhouette pays. Whether sweet or savory cravings, there are tricks to stop snacking.   Why am I always hungry? Understanding why one has all the time want to eat (and thus stop).This is the first question to ask. Behind each snack, there are indeed multiple reasons and habits to be altered. Are…

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