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treatment of high blood pressure with herbs

Treatment of High Blood Pressure in Herbs

Hypertension is an increase in blood pressure above normal (80/120 mmHg). Also called high blood pressure, is one of the most common diseases. It...
anemia home remedies

Anemia : Treatment and Home Remedies

Anemia is a disease that affects the human body. It is a decrease in the number of good red blood cells that carry oxygen...
cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy, Method and Health Benefits

Cupping therapy is a form of treatment in alternative medicine. An ancient medical method used to treat many diseases. Because people were unaware of...
arthritis treatment

Top 10 Useful Foods in Arthritis Treatment.

Arthritis treatment: Arthritis is an inflammation that affects the body's various joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. Symptoms include arthritis in...
neck pain

Neck Pain, Health Information and Treatment.

Neck pain or neck stiffness is a common problem and there is nothing to worry about in general. Pain and stiffness usually improve after a...
skin wrinkles

Skin Wrinkles, Causes And Home Treatment.

Skin wrinkles formed when the skin loses its elasticity. As long as the skin remains soft, any wrinkle or twitching of the skin disappears...