Tips to get the perfect body before events.

Tips to get the perfect body before events.

There are unexpected events you can be surprised by such as a gala dinner, a wedding party, a wedding party, an old friend’s wedding. Here are the secrets of getting the ideal body before the events one week.

We have provided a compilation of tips on what you can do when you do not have much time. And make you look in the best shape you have. From now on, when someone invites you to an important event, there is a strong reason to look very beautiful. Because special occasions require you to take a set of special measures to make sure that your closet your clothes are just right for you and look for the clothes that suit you and look great.

Sometimes you need these clothes trying to decrease a little weight. Generally, the choice of clothing depends on the type of event and your age. And naturally, to your personal taste at events. Let’s have a look at the things that need to be done before the events to make a better impression.


Secrets of getting the perfect body before special events in one week.


Weight loss two weeks before.

You can lose a few kilograms of your weight in two weeks if you reduce your calorie intake to 1000 calories – 1100 calories a day. To do this, you need to fill your diet with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat fish and low-fat meats. Because of the limited amount of energy, stored fat will be burned. Do not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water daily and this is the number one rule for people looking for weight loss.


Lift the waist and improve the skin a week before.

You can lose weight within a week when you eat 3 types of foods such as citrus, pineapple, protein. Acidic fruits contain large amounts of fruit acids that enable you to dissolve fats and easily rid your body of these fats. In addition, vitamin-rich fruits, especially vitamin C, improve body immunity, skin condition, and general well-being.


Tummy tuck in three days.

There are many options that help you remove excess abdominal fat. By eating at least 200 filling of carrot and apple juice. This juice is preferred 6 times a week. Not only because these products contain fewer calories but also increase the feeling of fullness and the body’s supply of vitamins, beta-carotene, and pectin.

The second option is to eat breakfast and food by processing a mixture of 1 boiled egg, 1 large suspension of sour cream, 1 grated carrots, to eat this mixture at dinner with a sugar-free green tea.


Body cleansing drink.

If you have some days before your occasions, you can resort to body-regulating drinks that are within reach. It works well thanks to the proportion of bromelain that breaks fat. Complete lunch by finding pineapple juice which is complemented with fresh citrus juice or sugar-free coffee but with lemon.

During the day, you can replace the usual drinks with a glass of hot water with mint and lemon. The meal should consist of beet, carrots, cabbage and a few large peaches if you wish. You must have a glass of water with lemon and may take a few dried sunflowers before going to bed.


Get rid of excess water in one day.

There are many reasons why there is excess water in the body. When the time is determined you can eat vegetables and bran in the morning hours because the bran acts as a rub to the intestines so 3-6 tablespoons of bran with a little low-fat milk in the morning will be a very useful element to your body.

Pour 1 large suspension of olive oil with 1.5 kg of frozen vegetables and divide it into 5-6 servings and eat at regular intervals. This procedure helps you get rid of excess water in the body easily. Remember eating sour foods on an empty stomach or eating low calories will make weight loss easier.


Prevent breast sagging.

You can strengthen the muscles of the breast through weightlifting to put pressure on the chest and exercises that work to lift the arms through dumbbells.

Stop eating a healthy diet and eat healthy every time you gain more weight to reduce the appearance of breast sagging.


Modify your agenda to set a time to relax.

The last thing you need to do is set a time to relax before your big events because of the incomplete agenda or the compact agenda. Try planning your business early, and customize the time to pamper yourself for relaxing days before special occasions. Mothers need to take care of themselves and take care of their children.


Get a massage and a manicure session.

The most important thing in special occasions is to get a brilliant face before the events of one week and massage before two days of special occasions. Try to find the right time for a massage and a manicure so that you can enjoy your event rather than rushing and going compressed to the occasion. It is best to find a place that offers you a variety of services to massage yourself so that you can get three services at once.

Check out how to get a shiny complexion instantly within 3 days by following a range of natural masks that achieve skin glow.

Try choosing a neutral manicure when going to any occasion to suit your outfit is always stylish and classic. Instead of going to nail salons, you can always look for home salons because they have excellent skills. Try selecting a longer lasting mask to beautify your nails.


Choose your hairstyle and show your hair.

If you are selecting your hair filter in the saloon, make sure to book the appropriate saloon for your hairstyle. Browse a large number of clips because the photos will help you significantly in getting the right hairstyle. Make sure you get your hairstyle to give yourself a good time to get the alternatives.

If you are doing your own hairstyle you can make a hair mask at home. Try to experience a haircare intensive care because it gives you the weak to regain strength and nourish your hair repair hair by giving your hair extra moisturizing. In the end, you will get a fantastic hair.


Find the right dress.

The best thing for special occasions is shopping for the right dress. Sometimes, flipping in fashion magazines can inspire you when choosing a dress. Walk around the mall with one of your friends to help you choose the dress that highlights your body better.


Eat healthy food.

To get rid of toxins in your body, you can get benefits. You will feel better, get rid of toxins until your skin starts looking good. By eating adequate amounts of water every day to prevent water retention Contrary to common beliefs, the drinking water does not always mean that you will keep the water. 2 liters of water throughout the day is enough to regulate the body of toxins and not suffering from excess weight due to water. Try to avoid salt water or snacks after 9 pm.


Good smell.

There is an appropriate scent for each event. The most important rule is not to forget or skip the use of smell. You can stick to one scent regularly, especially if it makes you feel comfortable and happy. The scent of light fruits or flowers can be the appropriate options for afternoon events that take place in the garden.

Other than making sure that the smell is good and fresh in general. You will need to make sure that the odor is maintained for a long time until it is present inside the folds of clothing so that the smell lasts for a long time. Do not forget to keep the body odor through the use of deodorant.

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