Tomato, Health Benefits of Body and Skin.

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The tomato plant belongs to the spinach. And grows in most of the world throughout the seasons. Where they grow in successive cycles and seasons. Tomato shrubs are small seasonal and have different forms. Its legs branch out from the hard trunk in the soil. Her leaves are finely chopped, and her flowers are small yellow. The taste of its fruit is a bit stinging. When they mature, they become red.

The fruits of the tomato plant are functional foods that supply the body with basic nutrition and many chemical compounds that it needs. And has an important role in the protection of chronic diseases, and give him various health benefits, such as Lycopene.

It was believed about 200 years ago in the United States of America, despite the spread of eating tomatoes around the world. Tomato was thought to be toxic. The reason for this is to prove the toxicity of some species of the plant species.


Health Benefits of Tomato.


Detoxification in the body.

Due to the increased consumption of canned and processed foods, the body has become a store of toxins. To get rid of the accumulation of toxins in the body you can resort to tomatoes because it expels harmful deposits of toxins in the body. Because they have a good content of chlorine and sulfur and these elements help the liver and kidney to get rid of toxins in an effective way.

Bowel movement regulation.

Irregular bowel movement is a common problem in millions of individuals. Tomato helps you to treat this problem because it regulates liver function and prevents constipation and thus facilitate digestion and stimulate a bowel movement.


Prevention of heart disease.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which prevents the oxidation of blood fats and thus exert a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. As mentioned above, the tomato has been shown to help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. These fats are the main culprit in cardiovascular disease because the deposition of fat in the vessels And lead to atherosclerosis.


The health of the digestive system.

Tomatoes improve the health of the digestive system by preventing constipation and diarrhea, preventing jaundice and detoxifying the body in an effective way. In addition, tomatoes contain a large amount of fiber, which relieves the symptoms of constipation and stimulates the movement of the intestine and the secretion of gastric juices.


Controlling the level of cholesterol in the blood.

One of the most common problems is high cholesterol levels due to increased consumption of fatty foods daily in the diet. Tomato works to prevent high cholesterol because it is rich in fiber that improves the level of good cholesterol in the blood and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol. It is also loaded with vitamin B3 (niacin) to achieve a balance of blood cholesterol level.


Rich in antioxidants.

Tomatoes contain a high proportion of lycopene, an extremely effective antioxidant in the resistance of free radicals that cause cancer. Lycopene has been shown to be effective in the elimination of free radicals, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, and pharyngitis. Breast cancer and oral cancer, according to a study published by the Havard University of Public Health.


A rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Tomatoes provide about 40% of the minerals needed by the body, such as vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that prevents cancer. It also contains an abundance of potassium, which plays a vital role in maintaining the health of nerves and iron is necessary to maintain blood health.


Improve visibility.

Vitamin A, which we find in tomatoes, improves vision as well as prevents night blindness and macular degeneration. Because vitamin A is a powerful anti-oxidant and carries a surplus of beta-carotene. And there are a lot of vision problems that occur due to vitamin A deficiency.


Reduce blood pressure.

Consumption of tomatoes daily reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Because it contains high levels of potassium, which works to reduce tension in blood vessels and arteries. Thus increasing blood circulation and lowering blood pressure in the heart.


Control diabetes.

A study in the American Medical Journal showed that daily consumption of tomatoes helps reduce oxidation levels of diabetes.


Healthy skin.

Tomatoes help maintain healthy teeth and bones on hair. We all know that topical application of tomato juice helps in the treatment of severe sunburn. And with daily consumption of tomatoes protects the skin from damage and ultraviolet light.


Prevent Gallstones.

Regular consumption of tomatoes saves you from gallstones. It has proven to be effective against chronic diseases as well.


Prevents urinary tract infection.

Eating tomatoes daily reduces urinary tract infections as well as bladder cancer. This is because tomatoes contain a high percentage of water that stimulates urination. Therefore, tomatoes diuretic and this increases the elimination of toxins as well as excess water and salts and uric acid.

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