Top 10 ways to stay active with Kids

active kids

Physical activity Ā helps active kids Ā strengthen their bones, maintain a healthy weight and discover the world around them. And better yet, that’s great fun.

All children must be physically active for at least one hour a day. You can help by encouraging your kids to find activities that you enjoy, and by doing physical activity in the family life. Most children love jogging around the park or playing on the playground.

One of the reasons why physical activity in childhood is important is that it helps your child maintain a healthy weight.

But that is not the only reason. Physical activity is one way for children to discover the world and themselves. It helps to build strong and healthy muscles and bones, as well as improves self-confidence.

The University of Bristol professor of sports and health sciences, Ken Fox, has 10 suggestions that will make exercise enjoyable for the whole family.

Ten tips on activities for children.

Walk or bike to and from school with children whenever possible. Read about the health benefits of cycling.

Build a small room or lounge with them during school holidays. Or supervised, encouraged them to climb a tree or two.

Go skiing, double-latch or four-wheel latch, indoors or outdoors. In winter, go skiing. Children also love scooters.

Support your children in sports, clubs or any other activities they may care about. Joining a weekend sports club emphasizes your commitment to a team and regular exercise. Look for all kinds of sports facilities in your area.

Find time at the end of each week to do something with your children. Play discus, soccer in the park, trampoline games or try climbing rocks indoors.

Play kites. The Kite Society of the Great Britain website has a number of groups that meet regularly for several days for flying kites with experienced personnel providing advice and assistance. Some also run some kite-making workshops.

Try to spend a holiday on the beach. Children when they touch sand will find many ways to practice, including games, swimming and a lot of jogging. Or try a holiday dedicated to activities. Read more about health holidays with children and holidays for activities.

On the National Parks site there are lists of events such as organized picnics, fun days for children, to get some new ideas for spending days abroad for activities.

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