Treatment of High Blood Pressure in Herbs

The most important herbs and foods to treat and reduce high blood pressure.

treatment of high blood pressure with herbs

Hypertension is an increase in blood pressure above normal (80/120 mmHg). Also called high blood pressure, is one of the most common diseases. It occurs as a result of cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases, urinary system abnormalities, and body hormone disorders. In addition to having problems in the nervous system.

There are many treatments used to lower high blood pressure. But we will look at this article to mention natural ways to treat high blood pressure.


Treatment of hypertension with herbs.



Broccoli contains a substance called (glutathione) as well as other compounds that reduce high blood pressure, where broccoli is taken grilled or steamed so as not to lose its nutritional value.


The apple peel is dried in a shaded area away from the sun and then ground, then add 2 tablespoons of apple peel powder to a glass of water, boil on the fire and drink twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening.


Tomatoes are healthy foods rich in effective compounds that treat high blood pressure because they contain gamma-amino-butyric acid.


Lemon juice regularly contributes to strengthening the heart and reduces the incidence of atherosclerosis and blood vessels, thus lowering high blood pressure, where you must drink lemon juice several times a day or add a small amount to a cup of warm water and drink on empty stomach every morning.

The banana.

It is known that bananas rich in potassium is very useful in lowering high blood pressure, in addition to free of cholesterol, so it is one of the best natural methods effective in the treatment of high blood pressure, and preferably to eat other types of fruits and bananas to get the best results.

Beet juice.

Eating a glass of beetroot juice daily helps reduce high blood pressure.

Cucumber .

Drinking a glass of fresh cucumber juice on a daily basis contributes effectively to regulating blood pressure, whether high or low;

The ring.

The ring helps lower blood pressure and for a long period of time. Add two teaspoons of ring powder to a glass of water, boil the mixture for 2 minutes, then strain the mixture of water and mix the remaining powder to get a paste. Daily in the morning on empty stomach and the other in the evening and for three months.

Carrots .

It is important to contain many of the compounds that lead to the reduction of high blood, which is estimated by the number of eight compounds, are taken with carrots meals or by eating it as juice or eat it as it is.


Of the treatments used in the past for high blood pressure, and eat a few of them as four legs of them daily to reduce blood pressure.


It contains corsetin, a chemical that has an effect in lowering blood pressure and can be cooked saffron with food or add to the juices.

Treatment of high blood pressure with garlic.

Garlic has many therapeutic benefits for many diseases. People use it since ancient times and introduce it in many treatments. Studies have shown that garlic has many benefits, especially for high blood pressure. It reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat accumulated in the blood. Thus, it reduces high blood pressure by up to 10 percent, because it contains alicine.

Studies showed that patients should take the garlic freshly and uncooked to treat pressure. Also, if you eat it in any other form, it will not give effective results such as fresh garlic. The patients should note that if they cooked garlic on the fire, the substance that reduces blood pressure will disappear, Invalidates its effect.

Avoid some herbs that cause high blood pressure: almonds, barley, licorice, basil, kohl Eddin, figs, cherubs, cabbage, and coffee.

Adjusting the patient’s lifestyle also helps relieve symptoms, including trying to lose weight, stop smoking and alcohol, reduce salt in foods or avoid salty foods and exercise.

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