How to Use Apples to Relief From Constipation

Use Apples to Relief From Constipation

Everyone gets constipation, at least once in their lifetime. The cause may be a combination of factors such as sedentary lifestyle, dietary habits, side effects of some medications. Whatever the reason, you can use apples to get rid of constipation.

In some extreme cases, constipation may be a serious condition and you should take a doctor’s opinion.

An apple a day helps you prevent constipation. Although constipation occurs because of a combination of causes. But fiber in the apple can relieve constipation and make the bowel easier and more regular.

Fortunately, you do not need to take serious laxatives or other medications, which can be catastrophic without a doctor’s diagnosis, because apples help you to go to the bathroom easily and regularly.

These foods are rich in fiber that has other positive benefits outside the digestive system, and when consumed these foods get rid of these problems.


Use apples to get rid of constipation.



Constipation occurs because of slow bowel movement and irregularity. The digestive system has difficulty getting rid of the hard stool. The reason is that the colon absorbs the amount of water in the food, slowing the bowel movement and making the stool dry and hard. Getting rid of the stool is very painful.

In some serious cases, there may be serious symptoms such as intestinal obstruction and prevents constipation passing through the stool and gas.


Common causes of constipation.



When you feel acidity immediately you resort to antacids. Antacids are usually the cause of constipation because they contain calcium or aluminum.

Consumption of dairy products heavily.

If you are allergic to lactose intolerance when consuming a lot of dairy products you are likely to suffer from constipation.

Eating disorders.

It is known that when you suffer from known eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, these problems cause constipation.


You have to look at the food you get. What do you consume? Do you eat junk food? You may not drink large amounts of water and do not get enough fiber in your diet and you should not ignore fiber because it helps improve bowel movement.

Less exercise.

If you do not exercise, it will be difficult for your body to digest the food you get, which means that you cannot easily release the stool.


Stress One of the factors that lead to constipation may not be realized but when you try to reduce the stress you will notice an improvement in bowel movement.


Symptoms of constipation.

Naturally, bowel movements vary from person to person. Some people go to the bathroom three times a day while others go once a day. Other people may suffer from constipation daily, especially when feeling bloated.

If you suffer from constipation, here are some signs that show you if you suffer from constipation:

The difficulty of bowel movement.

Acute stools.

Heartburn in the stomach.

Belly pain.

Difficulty passing stool.

Swelling in the abdomen.

Intestinal pain.


The feeling of fullness after an irregular bowel movement.

When you try to press regularly to allow stool to pass, this process straining the back and causing pain in the back especially when you suffer from constipation most of the time. When you pass the stool several times a day, it increases the pressure on the lower back vertebrae, causing back pain.

If you do not have regular constipation but suddenly feel constipation this may be due to a change in your daily diet.


How can apples help you get rid of constipation?

Apple is a rich source of pectin (natural fibers) that increases the elimination of stool and triggers a bowel movement. Apple also contains sorbitol (Natural Sugar Alcohol), which works as a natural laxative of stool and allows it to move easily through the intestines.

Apple contains soluble and insoluble fibers. Non-soluble fibers such as cellulose. While the soluble fiber is found in apple skin and serves as a filter for stool and laxative.

Regular intake of apple skin provides enough fiber content of the body that promotes bowel movement and improves digestion.


How to use apples to treat constipation?

You can use apples in many ways to treat constipation and promote bowel movement. Just drink a few glasses of apple juice throughout the day. It provides sufficient amounts of fiber and sorbitol, essential for regular bowel movements.

Apple juice and pears.

Pears contain sorbitol, which helps treat constipation by increasing water in the intestines. This relieves stool and passes easily through the intestinal tract. Once you get 8 ounces of pear juice, containing 7 g sorbitol, the constipation is reduced.

Cut the apples and pears into small pieces. Add them to the juice to mix well, then pour the juice into a cup and eat. You can repeat this action twice a day and eat it on an empty stomach and again before an hour of sleep.

Apple & Plum Cleanser.

The plum contains 15% sorbitol, which acts as a laxative. The dehydroxylation in the apple skin stimulates the movement of the intestine and increases fluid retention, which works to soften the stool. Combining apples and sprouts enables you to treat constipation easily.

Collect equal amounts of plum and apple together and mix them and then make juice. Eat at least 3-4 cups of this juice throughout the day to regulate bowel movement. Once constipation has disappeared, discontinue the juice.

Apple and banana.

Bananas are rich in fiber, pectin, and potassium, and are useful in the treatment of constipation. The enzymes in the apples act as natural light laxatives. Cut apples and bananas into small pieces, make them fruit salad and take 2-3 times a day.

Apples for constipation.

Apple helps adults when eating small amounts. A lot of consumption can aggravate the problem because it increases the elimination of stool. It is a quick recipe to get rid of constipation, which is the processing of applesauce.

Combine 1 cup of apples and wheat bran that is not equipped with peaches and mix the ingredients together until they mix well. Then consume 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture followed by a glass of water. You can repeat daily consumption for 2 weeks. If you notice any change you can reduce consumption.

You can use oat bran instead of wheat bran. Mix the mixture in a freezer or freezer in a tightly sealed container.

Apple juice to treat constipation in infants.

Young children are more likely to get constipation. When training on urination you will notice irregular bowel movements, so make sure they are not stiff on them. Try to include apple juice in their daily diet about 2 ounces of apple juice twice a day. It is considered a safe dose to get rid of constipation in infants.

Make sure you do not get more than that because it can aggravate the problem in babies. Avoid giving young children apple juice because it causes stomach upset and other discomforts.


How long does it take apples to treat constipation?

How long apples need to treat constipation depends on the eating habits and level of constipation that the apple treats. You can get relief within a week. If relief does not occur after a week, consult your doctor.

If you want to promote effective treatment or prevent future constipation opportunities try to incorporate probiotics into your daily diet. Useful bacteria in probiotics improve the digestive system and other digestive problems. Lactic acid also balances the pH of the intestine, promotes muscle contractions in the colon and regulates the bowel.

Natural probiotics like yogurt are good enough ingredients to treat constipation and probiotics are considered more effective ingredients. There are also many of the most effective brands in the market that can be relied on.

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