Water, Drinking Damages in Stand Position

drinking water

It does not stop when you get 8 glasses of water throughout the day to keep you healthy and hydrated. It is important to take a correct position while taking water. Is it better to drink water while sitting or standing? Know the correct position.

Some reports have revealed the need to take water while you are sitting in order to have a healthy life and make the most of the water you drink. So even if you’re taking small sips of water you’d better get them sitting instead of standing.

Water is a major source of life on earth. All living organisms need water to keep alive. The human body needs water to perform its functions and daily activities well.

The body consists of 50% water and you can judge the amount of water needed for your body. Try to insert water into your body through drinking and get some guidelines on how to drink either during sitting or standing.

You can get most of the benefits of water when you drink water while sitting. You may be surprised to read this information for the first time because there is a certain way to drink water through these rules.

Is it better to eat water while sitting or standing to know the correct position?


Damage to water while standing.


Causes arthritis.


Taking water while standing may be a great shock to you. The standing position is well affected by arthritis and over time. When you take water while standing, it disrupts the fluid balance in the body, which often leads to greater accumulation of fluid in the joints resulting in arthritis.

Where there is a shortage of fluid required for your joints is a condition known as arthritis and cause the pain in the joints can not heal if you continue to take the wrong position while drinking water.


The stomach wall affected.


Health experts mention that there is a flow of water during parking. You can let it flow into your intestine while spraying on the intestinal wall. This shock from the arrival of water to the wall of the stomach can cause damage to the long-term the digestive system because it damages the wall of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.


Feeling thirsty.


Approximately one and a half liters of waters can be obtained and stored in your stomach. Therefore, it is not convenient to take water while standing to be able to take more and sufficient amount of water needed by the body and the liver can be distributed on several parts and stomach cavities so you will feel thirst quickly and even attempts to suppress sneezing will not suffice. Therefore, it is best to take water while sitting and take a small sip to help you quench your thirst well.




When drinking while sitting, it results in relaxation of muscles and nervous system more compared to drinking while standing. Resulting in increased nerve activity in the speed of digestion of fluids and other nutrients.


Macro problems.


When taking waters in stand position, water passes through the kidney without proper filtration. The impurities in the water pool in the bladder and get the mixture of blood that causes damage to the kidneys.

If you continue drinking in the wrong situation, kidney failure results in the elimination of waste from blood and damage. If untreated, it results in damage to the urinary tract and even permanent damage to the kidney.


Ulcers and heartburn.


When you drink in the position of standing continuously, the drinks reached directly at the bottom of the esophagus strongly, resulting in the expansion and relaxation of the sphincter that connects the esophagus stomach. This eventually leads to a medical condition known as acid reflux disease. It is one of the forms of digestive disorders and needs medical treatment.


Does not reduce acid levels in the body.


Herbal remedies tend to consume waters slowly, especially during sitting. Because it helps to reduce the levels of acid in the body properly by getting the right percentage.


Nervous tension.


In stand position, the sympathetic system is activated by your body. The system works constantly to maintain all muscles and maintain the balance of the body. So when you take waters in this position it results in nerve tension in the body and as a result, you can feel stress without causing cause and increase anxiety level.




When the waters enter the body directly into the stomach, it mixes with the acids in the stomach without filtration and beats the sphincter of the stomach, which gives acid sensation due to ingestion of waters. As a result, colic pain is caused by gastric cavities and stomach pain.

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