Weight Loss: Can Succeed Without Fitness Training!

weight loss

Weight loss and fitness: Everyone wants to lose weight, and on the other hand there is no limit to what can be done to reduce weight. What do we do? In this article we present four rules for weight loss: proper nutrition, aerobic exercises, strength training and more everyday activities.


How can weight loss? What should be included in the exercise and lifestyle program in order to get the best results?

At first, it is important to understand that weight loss is a complex process. To succeed, there are no magic solutions. But, there are already solutions that will ensure maximum success by combining them together.

A common question for trainees is: “How can I reduce my belly?” Or: “how to dilute the thighs?” To clarify we say that there is no such thing as “local weight loss”. Can not remove fat only from a certain area! So abdominal exercises certainly will not “soften” the abdomen! True, it will strengthen the abdominal muscles, but as long as layers of fat remain above it, it will remain there even if you focus on abdominal exercises.

So, how can you achieve weight loss? How to get rid of excess body fat, and refine it?

Although the process of weight loss is complex, it is related to one variable that determines whether our weight will decrease or not. What is this variable Calorie Balance Daily?

It’s very simple, we put energy into our bodies through food, we get energy out of physical activity and that’s what helps keep the body. When the amount of energy we enter is greater than that which we produce (calorie balance is positive), it increases our weight. In the other hand, if the amount is smaller than those we exit (the calorie balance is negative) our weight decreases.

When the amount of consumption and burning is equal (calorie balance) we will certainly maintain the same weight. This is not a big secret. The big question is not just how to turn this balance from positive to negative, but mainly how to cause it to be so negative that most of what the body loses are fat tissue and not muscle.

To achieve this, you have 4 golden rules. When used together, you will be on the right track for weight loss:

Proper nutrition, not a harsh diet.

Many people start dieting, cut themselves half the food, hold for two weeks or a month, and eventually return to their previous eating habits. Often, their weight increases more than before. Therefore, doctors, trainers and dietitians recommend healthy nutrition that combines healthy eating habits with daily diet, which is controlled by a qualified nutritionist. This stage is critical to success.

Many people think that they are training, there is not much importance to what they eat, but the opposite is true. When you train, there is great importance to what you eat to provide the body with all the important nutrients for training and for weight loss.

There is no need for a specific diet for athletes, but it is essential to maintain proper nutrition throughout the day. You played correctly with this card and already became one side of the balance at the right level.

Weight loss does not work without exercise training and physical activity.

To change your body configuration, you have three extra winning cards. Once you use these cards too, your ally will be victorious. Without them, it is not possible to reach the goal. In addition to people who continue to exercise without proper nutrition.

There are those who believe that by maintaining only nutrition without exercise, they will succeed in reducing weight. It may happen that they lose a few kilograms of their weight, but this is not a real weight loss. When the focus is only on the diet without exercise, the metabolism in the body decreases, causing the body to burn fewer calories, the body becomes flaccid and “flabby”, lower fat is less, so symptoms may appear such as excess neuropathy and depression.

weight loss

Aerobic exercises.

Aerobic training strengthens the heart-lung system and helps revitalize a large number of body organs. Walking, running, biking, swimming, climbing, rowing are all good aerobic exercises to lose weight.

Many people who exercise for the purpose of weight loss concentrate on these exercises. In aerobic exercise, we burn a large number of calories, which is necessary for the purpose of weight loss but alone is not enough. What should we add to training?


Iron training.

  Training to strengthen the muscles by working against a resistive device, such as weight lifting, strength devices, body weight resistance, against the weight of the trainer and other aids. There is a common misconception among some trainees that when they hear weight training, they immediately retract.

Some people, ¬†because of fear of the complexities of training, namely the importance of careful implementation of exercises and the need for good guidance. And some others, because of the myth that force training is for those who want to develop their muscles. What they do not know is that change in body shape and solid appearance is achieved only by combining with strength training. In addition, the body’s metabolism (BMR) rises.

Metabolism is the calories the body burns during rest. In order for the body to survive, it consumes energy. So it burns your calories constantly, even while you sleep, even in the meantime while you are sitting in front of a computer.

This, of course, is not a reason to increase sleep or sitting. But when you continue to train strength and increase muscle mass, at every moment the body burns more calories. An additional effect on weight reduction is associated with the training itself. Also in the strength training, we are burning a lot of calories. In the right and good strength training, we can even burn more calories than aerobic exercises.

weight loss

Daily activities.

Daily inactivity is another cause of obesity in our time, both in children and in adults. The evolution of technology comforts the body of everything it has been making effort to do in the past. To eat, man has to go to hunting. Today we open the fridge and put the food in the microwave. Electric elevators and cars, certainly do not contribute positively to this area.

Any activity we added to our daily activities, even if it is short, increases our caloric intake. So, you have to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. Walk up on the moving elevator. Stop the car in a remote place. Remember to do the movement even during the working day. Then, you will win burning many calories and almost without feeling it or not devote much time to it.

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