What Coca-Cola Do To The Human Body


What Coca-Cola do to the human body?.

Coca-cola, one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. Especially in the summer, when people need to increase the feeling of recovery and reduce thirst. Is it true ?. Well, let’s find out.

First, people who believe that are very erroneous and unscientific. Coca-Cola  (or Pepsi or others) make your body need a large amount of water to restore normal fluid balance.

Coca-Cola consists mainly of water which is the largest proportion of the volume of gas drinks. Manufacture use unhealthy water. That water does not contain the ions of rich and useful elements such as drinking water.

The second main ingredient is sugar. It makes the taste of the drink sweet and delicious. The third main ingredient is acids such as citric acid, tantric acid and phosphoric acid. All of it are harmful to the human body. And those who gives the taste for gas drinks. The final component is dissolved gases such as poisonous carbon dioxide.

Now that we know the main components of the coca cola, we find that all these ingredients, in addition to the spices and flavors, are all unhealthy and non-beneficial to the body. And may be the cause of chronic diseases of humans, such as obesity. Especially for people who are addicted to drinking gas drinks and to contain the stimulants and stimulants such as caffeine.


health and sickness facts: 

As for the health and sickness caused by the gas drink is very diverse (depends on the type of drink and the amount of intake).

We will review with a group of the most serious damage and diseases caused by eating these drinks on the health of the human body:

  • Obesity: and that is because of the large quantity of sugar contained in the ingredients
  • Cirrhosis of the liver or as a result of the treatment of the liver with harmful substances strange to the body. Studies indicate that some people addicted to drink gas are exposed to this disease more than others.
  • All types of cancer due to preservatives and artificial flavours such as flavours of caramel, lemon, orange, cherry, mint and others.
  • The appearance of signs of ageing and the occurrence of wrinkles in the skin. The spread of wrinkles due to phosphoric acid.
  • Dental caries due to the large concentration of sugar. With acids that have a high capacity to accelerate the process of tooth decay more than the proportion of normal fold.
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease due to the large amounts of sugar. That cause obesity.
  • Osteoporosis. Gas drinks absorb calcium from the body at a very high rate.
  • Inflammation, gastrointestinal disturbances, gastric acidity and GERD due to high acidity.


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