Winners Circle ,10 Ways They Think Differently

winners circle

Winners Circle: Successful creators always think differently from other people. This is what keeps them going where they want. In fact, if you want success for an unsuccessful experience, you do not have to repeat it over and over again on the basis of expecting different results. You must certainly be different to realize what others have been unable to do.

They are very specific.

Successful people are skilled at setting goals. Instead of saying, “I want to reduce the time of my sleep or I want to reduce my weight, put the target right away and think like this: I will sleep at 9:30 or I want to reduce my weight by 10 pounds so I will eat salad or walk before dinner.

At the business level, they set the goal as follows: I have to get 5 new customers this week.

The above means that you must set goals in the form of an action plan that you implement immediately not to set a goal in the absolute and then consider the steps thereafter.

Winners think about the minutes when they put their agenda.

They do not say that the day has 24 hours but today it has 1440 minutes. Successors try to reduce the number of time wasted during the day in what does not help.

As an example, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day to provide each day the number of minutes it takes for his mind to think about what to wear.

They know that the team is the winner.

Michael Jordan – a famous basketball player – says the strength of the team in the strength of each individual member and the strength of each member of the team.

Successful winners are always looking for cooperation so that each member of the team fills in the weakness of others, which strengthens the team as a whole. This is another good point of view in team collaboration so if you want to be a successful programmer it is best to join a community that contains programmers. If you want to work freely, it is best to join a successful community of Freelancers.

They learn continuously.

Successors always take some time to read, attend seminars, workshops and watch seminars online. They know very well that improving and developing skills is essential to success.

If Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ophira, and Nfrey have had time to read, then you can. You can read in a book before bed or lunch break. You can carry a paper book or an electronic book on the phone and this will help a lot.

Winners develop their emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is important for the successful, it teaches them how to deal with those around them and this is part of their success. It also helps to solve problems and create new ideas when relaxing.

Even if you do not have great emotional intelligence, this is what you should learn:

Do not ask perfection.

Learning how to balance work and fun.

Adapting to change.

Be sympathetic.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Ability to motivate yourself.

How to set boundaries.

Focus on positive aspects.

Realistic optimism.

Thinking positively does not mean the unfair optimism that lives you in the dream world, but gives you the ability to challenge and succeed in solving problems and overcoming difficulties in a better way to achieve your goal. The researchers found that realistic optimism gives you greater happiness and greater ability to control emotion than pessimism.

Each time they face challenges, they solve the problems they encounter in this challenge through the first, second and third plans and look for all possible ways to reach their goal.

Winners do not frustrate themselves.

Humans by their nature bear stubbornness in themselves. That’s why they do not trust the future even when they follow the plan and do everything they have to do.

Before you make an important decision about your future, think about it in a positive way and do not frustrate yourself just because you think this way. You really have not tried what you think to know if it will succeed or not. Just do what you need to do and you will find that God is standing by you.

They practice some meditation.

Meditation works to relax and gives you some relaxation. This will positively affect your mind so that it gives you better sleep, better work, and a better way to manage problems around you and that’s what Oprah Winfrey is doing.

Carrying a notebook.

Successful creators work their minds differently. They often notice a lot of things that might bring them good ideas and that’s what you need to write down in a notebook that brings all your ideas together when needed.

They know what is most important for their lives.

Winners know that they work hard and constantly need some time to be entertained and away from work so that they merge into an impractical life and deal passionately with those around them from their parents and friends and get new experiences in other areas.

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